reImagining the future of reproductive justice, one movement at a time.

Graphic notes from JusticeNOW2020 created by Radical Road Maps & Saif!

JusticeNOW is more than a conference; it’s a dynamic movement-building experience dedicated to advancing reproductive justice for all. Hosted by SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW!, JusticeNOW was launched in 2020 to offer an intentional and unique space for folx to unite, strategize, and advance the mission of the national reproductive justice movement. This inaugural event brought together a vibrant and diverse community of activists, advocates, artists, movement leaders, organizers, community members, students, educators, policymakers, public health professionals, researchers, scientists, and funders from across the spectrum of social justice movements.

Despite having to re-imagine the conference for a virtual space, JusticeNOW2020 delivered a rich array of activities that offered attendees the opportunity to access valuable resources, create meaningful connections, and learn new skills.

The conference was designed to be an inclusive forum for interdisciplinary and intergenerational exchange of ideas, research, and strategies aimed at the liberation of historically marginalized and criminalized communities. Each experience was crafted to uplift the work of grassroots groups and movement leaders and affirm our collective power.

Join us in Atlanta this November as we continue this transformative work to unite, organize, and strategize for our collective liberation.

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