Our conference is a space for learning, collaboration, growth, and supporting one another as we work to create change. We invite you to be part of a culture of respect that acknowledges and honors the differences we bring in terms of our identities and our politics, without marginalizing or tokenizing each other.  We can all do this by speaking from our own experiences and being respectful of differences. Our differences can be points of strength and the many diverse identities and perspectives we hold make for a stronger and more vibrant Reproductive Justice movement.

All of us—conference organizers, presenters, volunteers and participants—bring our varied identities to the conference. JusticeNOW2024 tries to provide the accountable and accessible spaces necessary for everyone to be able to participate in conference events.  We ask that all participants help us create these accountable spaces by upholding JusticeNOW2024’s guidelines. For JusticeNOW2024, creating accountable spaces where we can learn and collaborate includes the following:

  • Striving to engage in open and constructive dialogue with each other
  • Using “I” statements and speaking from your own experience
  • Expressing curiosity about and being open to a viewpoint that is different than yours
  • Asking genuine questions for understanding
  • Make space, take space

If you are concerned about a violation of community norms or you feel uncomfortable with another participant’s actions, please notify JusticeNOW2024 staff or volunteers with your concerns.  Less urgent comments can be shared with us via conference evaluation forms. We are invested in making sure that participants feel respected and welcome in our space at all times, and we welcome your feedback on your conference experience.

If members of the conference community feel that participants are not upholding these community norms, those participants may be asked to leave the conference.

Please be sure to read more about conference accessibility and safety.

If you have further questions, please contact us at [email protected].