April 22, 2024

#JusticeNOW2024 announces this year’s conference tracks! The deadline to to get your organization’s workshop proposals in is MONDAY JUNE 3rd 2024! Click HERE to learn more and submit.

April 17, 2024

Thinking about submitting a proposal but have more questions??

SPARK recently hosted a short webinar for any individuals and organizations who may be interested in submitting a proposal for #JusticeNOW2024.

If you missed it, click HERE to view the recording. If you have questions that weren’t covered, feel free to email[email protected].

February 15, 2024

#JusticeNOWConference is back!

SAVE THE DATE for #JusticeNOW2024, SPARK’s second national conference! Stay tuned on our social media platforms and sign up for our newsletter to get the latest updates.

August 27, 2020

SPARK is super excited to officially announce these JusticeNOW2020 panels!

JusticeNOW2024 is a cross-movement power building and power shifting national conference! These 3 panels will be amazing discussions with awesome panelists that you do not want to miss!!

Stay tuned next week as we announce the panelists that will be featured on each of these panels! And be sure to register for JusticeNOW2020 by visiting www.justicenowcon.com! You’re going to want to be in attendance to watch our amazing special guests participate in these important and relevant conversations!

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July 7, 2020

There is no Black liberation without Queer and Trans liberation! As a Black-led, Reproductive Justice organization, SPARK Reproductive Justice NOW! centers our work in Queer and Trans liberation. We are very proud of the work our organization, partner organizations, and all of our comrades have always been a part of, before and throughout this ongoing fight.

It is imperative that we continue to challenge the erasure of Black womxn, and Queer and Trans folx in the conversations and actions around police violence, brutality, and killing of all Black lives. JusticeNOW2020 was built to intentionally create a space for folx to unite for the advancement of Reproductive Justice, and it is essential that we recognize the intersection of Black Lives Matter and Reproductive Justice.

Throughout JusticeNOW2020 we will continue uplifting this fight by recognizing those who have been doing this work and providing a space for this recognition to be honored and built upon. We will offer space to strategize work that needs to be done moving forward and continue to create space for strategy and community outside of JusticeNOW2020

JusticeNOW2020 Updates

We would like to offer our gratitude to everyone who responded to our pulse survey last month. The feedback you provided has helped us reach a decision that we feel best reflects the needs of our community, and sustains our ongoing commitment to creating intentional and transformative spaces for members and allies to connect.

JusticeNOW2020 is excited to announce that our pre-conference and conference will be completely virtual! Together, we have built a supportive network of experts and organizers who are taking national action in service to Reproductive Justice movement-building. The strength of this community will continue to lead us forward through these unpredictable times as we collectively face the duality of living within a public health and social pandemic. While we cannot fully replicate the dynamics of us coming together physically, JusticeNOW2020 will feature expert presenters, share engaging content, and generate strategies that can only be designed by this community. Although our sessions are being reimagined to minimize our health risks, this adjustment into a virtual space ensures that more of us can be present. We look forward to seeing you there.


Programming will begin on Friday, November 20th and conclude on Sunday, November 22nd 2020. Reproductive Justice is a structural component in advocating for the preservation of all Black lives, and we encourage presenters to incorporate the energy of this moment into their framework. The deadline for proposals has been extended until July 31, 2020 to allow more time for applicants to conceptualize their presentations. Sessions, descriptions, and presenter information will become available on the JusticeNOW2020 website once applications have been reviewed and selected. Notifications for selected proposals will be sent out Monday, September 28, 2020.

All sessions will be delivered via live session and/or recording, and posted within a few hours of the end of each session. Registered attendees can access all recordings, downloadable content, and additional resources on JusticeNOW2020’s mobile and web-based application hosted by Whova. Learn more about our virtual conference platform here.

If you have already submitted a proposal application you will be receiving an email from our JusticeNOW2020 team soon with a survey to indicate your capacity for moving to a virtual format. We will be using this information to determine how we can assist our presenters moving forward.

If you plan to submit a proposal application you will indicate your capacity for moving to a virtual format within your application.

Please visit the following pages to view important updates: